Rise of the Runelords

Plan B

With one companion slain the T.H.U.G.S. contemplate how to move forward.

When they return to mayor Shreed, they encounter a mysterious half-elf named Bainwen. Called by mysterious powers to Turtleback Ferry; Bainwen joins the group on their quest.

With the enemy significantly weakened and the element of surprised ruined, the T.H.U.G.S. prepare for a frontal assault on Fort Rannick. The wizard Mortimier Quink decides that he will also assist the party (since his business will be ruined if the party fails). Arya also decides to cash in on the promise from Airrin Flynn and uses the ankh to summon him.

Once all the preparations were set the band set out to take back the fort (again). Arya and Airrin went about using guile to take down the tower guards. Then ropes were dropped down allowing the rest of the group to get over the walls while the rest of the keep was distracted by the remaining black arrows and Shalelu.

The group battled the divided forces of the Kreegs and the battle was going well until Jaagrath and Lucrecia arrived on the battlefield. Mortimier cast enlarge person on Tomin who challenged Jaagrath. The raging barbarian’s ogre hook proved too brutal and after a couple of lucky hits Tomin fell in battle.

The heroes pressed on to avenge their fallen comrade. Down went Jaagrath, then before Lucrecia could teleport away she was grappled by Quink’s black tentacles and quickly subdued afterwards.

The battle was won but not without casualties. The Black Arrows have a difficult task ahead of them rebuilding the fort and increasing their numbers. Shalelu is unsure whether she will stay and help her estranged step-father or return to Sandpoint. Quink is debating relocating to somewhere less troublesome and more lucrative.

With the unseasonable rains and dark skies it feels like there is a darker force at work and this is just the beginning.



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